Potential damage of a match with / WO combo breaking?

Just a thought since i’ve been playing fairly terrible all night, but what would the damage look like of an average match where you do and don’t combo break at all? failing a combo break can leave you open to a load of damage, but would never combo breaking give you more of a chance in some situations where the other player isn’t always able to keep a combo going? just more curious as to how much risk in terms of damage locking out can cause you compared to just sitting idle while the other player does their thing.

This is a question that can’t really be answered since it relies on the variable of how long your opponent is willing to combo you for, and that may change even throughout the fight as he/she may realize that you’re not even trying to break.

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A major generalization here, but excluding Instinct Cancels to reset KV, you can expect roughly 30% from a combo without lockout, and about 50% with a lockout. Give or take about 10% for situational modifiers (like opening sequence).


Hmmm let’s see…in a hypothetical situation…I gauge…20-40% without breakers from a realistic standpoint. From a non realistic standpoint, 50-80%.

Depends on the player you’re facing, but I’d guess you’d probably eat about 30% per opening. As a rule, people tend to not extend combos for too long if there isn’t a lockout confirm, especially at higher levels.

If you run into someone who’s willing to consistently toss heavies your way though, you can expect that number to begin to increase accordingly.

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If I know you’re not breaking (ie, you tell me before the match starts), you’ll eat 55-60% per opening (ie, you will lose every round in 2 combos). I will just option select heavy auto-double after every opener and confirm into a damage loop with low KV and low scaling.

If you just decide to not break for one match and see what happens, I agree that 30% per opening sounds about right vs a good player. If they pick up on it really quick, that might be slightly higher.

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30% sounds about right. I do run this experiment occasionally, kinda incidentally during matches where my opponent is sticking to their manuals.