Pot Bonus Distribution for 2017

I’m am not an ambassador of KI, or some kind of influencer this is a false label that others have given me just because I stream. I am a regular player and community member just like everyone else. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me wanting to receive more money and incentives for my time and effort for doing well at tournaments. Good luck getting Daigo to go to a event that he isn’t getting paid to go to or CPT premiere. People not wanting to buy KilGore has nothing to do with how they feel about “Pro Players” it just has to do with them not wanting to pay an extra 5$ for a character when they shouldn’t have to. Granted $10 isn’t the end of the world others just don’t care about Kilgore and see no value in supporting the pro tour or using him.

I’m also quite frankly sick of tired of people complaining about people complaining about the game. THIS HAPPENS IN EVERY COMMUNITY! Just because the KI community only pays attention to KI doesn’t mean they should be oblivious to whats happening around them. Capcom community absolutely hates SFV and they complain about ti 24/7 hence why Capcom doing another balance patch before the tour starts. NRS community despised MKX towards the end, Overwatch community asking for reworks every other day… and yet they still play these games. Why…because they love games. They want their games to be the best they can be as they envision it. It’s the players that play and compete in these games not the developers. Complaining about a character being OP is no different than going to a fast food joint and the drive through getting your order wrong, you’re obviously going to be upset and ask them to fix or change it. Complaining about a game and giving your opinion on things isn’t toxic or spreading negativity it’s being real. Singing kumbaya and pretending you’re 100% happy with something when your’re not isn’t good for anyone. Myself and others are 100% grateful for Killer Instinct and how involved the devs are with it, I certainly don’t take that for granted at all.

When a new player comes into my stream and asks me what I think about Gargos, you want me to lie and say hes balanced fun for the sake of growing the community? No, I’m going to tell the truth and say how stupid he is. My job isn’t to promote the game that’s MS and IG. Now if they want to pay me to say nothing but nice things then that’s a different story :wink:

On the other hand some in this thread have convinced me otherwise that perhaps paying out more money to more players is a good thing rather than a bad thing. No matter how we look at it though there will always be two sides of the coin. One side being the players who never want to come out to events because they feel they will never be good enough to place in the money and side 2 being the pro players who always place and feel they should be earning more


99.99% of the FGC that travels to events will be down money at the end. Why don’t you ask them why they go?

I’m not saying you are obligated to go to events that you feel are too expensive to justify the travel. This is a decision every person makes, whether they are good at the game or not, and skipping out on an event because “it’s too expensive for me” is a completely acceptable reason. But if your only goal for traveling is to win money, then… I think you picked the wrong hobby. There are very few people making actual money in the FGC. Ultradavid has routinely said that, as of even just a year or two ago, he had overall lost money at the end of the year when totaling up all his travel to tournaments to commentate. If you think there is profit to be won placing 4th in the occasional KI tournament, I think you need to reconsider the overall state of the FGC.

You do realize that Daigo went to community-driven events for 10+ years before he got sponsored, right? He put in his time, and now he is literally one of, like, 3 total people in the FGC that can ask for such a thing, due to being literally a top 3 greatest fighting game player of all time. I mean, the comparison you’re making is absurd. Every single person in the FGC not named Justin Wong, Daigo, Infiltration, and maybe a small handful of others are working in the trenches.

Wait, didn’t you just tell us that you liked fighting against Gargos? < digs around a little bit > Ah, here it is:

Anyway, to answer your question, no, nobody is expecting you to lie about your true feelings. Instead, we are expecting you to talk about them as if you want your hobby to grow. There are a lot of ways to say you don’t find a character to be enjoyable to fight against (today it’s Gargos or Fulgore, last year it was Kan-Ra, the year before that it was someone else, etc), and I think the KI community has consistently found the worst ways to say this.

Every community hates fighting against annoying and/or top tier characters. The difference is, the way KI’s community talks about it makes me close the stream in disgust and never go back. And that is not MS or IG’s fault.


Of course no one travels to events to with the mentality of I better win money or else I’m broke, but you also can’t rule it out altogether. To say that players aren’t the least bit persuaded to travel because a big pot bonus was announced is not being honest.

The comparison isn’t absurd, it’s 100% valid. My argument was that these people exist, not that I have to be in the FGC a require amount of years to like getting money. Probably also isn’t fair to compare the FGC 10 years ago to today.

I do like fighting Gargos, it’s because he stupid that I like him. Hes a very unique and interesting character design and I love that about KI. Just because this is my opinion however doesn’t mean hes good for the game in his current state. 99% of people would probably disagree with me.

I’m not sure in what ways people talk about the game that you don’t like but I’m pretty outward about it, I’m never afraid to speak my mind and being on these forums you probably know that all to well. With that said, I always try to talk about both positives and negatives. Just because I talk about how I can’t stand Jago and think hes freaking stupid, doesn’t mean I do it in a way that drives people away from the game; I also give alternatives. Saying the game sucks, and Keits is a terrible game designer are things I’ve personally heard and I’ve never EVER said any such things.

Complaining is inevitable, it will happen until the end of time in life, video games and politics. Trying to control it and keep people from speaking their minds is futile. People sure aren’t having a hard time complaining about TRUMP LUL

Yes, I can rule it out altogether. If you are traveling to a tournament expecting to make money, you better be one of the best fighting game players in the entire tournament, or else you’re not winning enough money to cover your expenses. And yes, of course a bigger pot will encourage more people to attend. But it doesn’t change that the primary goal of attending tournaments should not be to make money, unless you are one of the very select few.

Okay, these people exist. They are 1% of 1% of the population of tournament goers. That does not include anyone in the KI scene.

You are totally fine to “like getting money”, but you seem to expect getting money, or demand getting money in order to show up. It just doesn’t work that way, whether 10 years ago or today.

Wait… so you like fighting Gargos, but you are worried that you have to lie on stream to people asking about Gargos in order to save KI? What?

Just tell them what you said to me, and it’s fine. “I find him fun to fight against because it’s a unique playstyle, but not everybody finds him fun to fight against.” There, done.

Also, I won’t let people say “Gargos is not good for the game” without giving actual evidence for such a claim. If you say “well, lots of top players think so,” then I’ll just say “I have some friends that gave KI more attention because they thought Gargos was cool,” which is true. Anecdotal evidence isn’t enough.

I’m not trying to stop people from complaining. I’m just telling people they can’t have it both ways. They can’t whine and complain every day, then turn around and expect the game to grow. If you want the game to grow, you will have to express your thoughts in a way that doesn’t turn people away.

While it’s true I haven’t heard you say these exact words, I have heard something very similar to this from more than one other streamer.


I do tell people this, you don’t watch my streams so go watch an archive or something.

But you IMPLY those things with HOW you say things, so then the perception people get regarding the game is that it’s a bad game when it’s not. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be sharing your opinions, but you could definitely do with more positive phrasing. For example, instead of saying, “Gargos is stupid!”, you could instead say “I think Gargos’ gameplay is unbalanced - I think the devs should balance him by…” That way, you’re still critiquing the game, but are being constructive in the process rather than negative.

As for being an ambassador for KI, or an influencer, I hate to break it to you, but you are. You don’t get to choose that - everyone else does. Do you think Infil (either one) wanted to be well known? Or any famous movie actor/actress that was thrown into the spotlight? No, they didn’t - they were just doing what they love (and were doing it better than most, so people started to take notice). Your mistake is not recognizing, or choosing to ignore, this massive reach/sphere of influence that you have in the community - you don’t even know your own worth/value. It’s not just what you think of yourself that matters, but also how others perceive you.

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Okay. I dunno which it is, and I only brought it up because of your comment. I never accused you of anything you didn’t first admit to.

I’m making it a resolution to argue/post less on the forums, so I’m gonna duck out. Enjoy your evening, Larry.


lol you have to make new years resolutions before January 1st or it doesn’t count :slight_smile:

You’re getting frustrated with this discussion because you feel I’m contradicting myself but I’m not. I tell them both. Gargos is stupid but I personally enjoy playing against him.What about that statement was confusing? I’m not going to leave out the part about him being stupid because that’s how I feel. There is no reason why both statements can’t be true.

You want me to word it in a way that doesn’t make the game look bad, but I don’t see it that way. If they want me to elaborate then I will. Explain the concepts as to why hes bad for the game, not just spout nonsense without backing it up.

Well, I think it’s simply because you’re unclear or are not elaborating. Why is he stupid? What do you think the devs can do to fix that? Why do you enjoy playing against Gargos (and don’t say “it’s because he’s stupid” because that’s not really an answer - it tells us nothing more than how you feel about him)?

I don’t think he wanted me to list the entire problems with Gargos in this thread for the sake of this argument. He wanted me to explain and give examples in a hypothetical scenario in which I would explain this to a new KI player or viewer.

The right way: “Gargos is pretty silly, but I kinda enjoy fighting him. KI has a lot of unique playstyles and Gargos shows that pretty well. He gets away with a lot of shi.t sometimes, and that’s kinda frustrating, but I know lots of people love playing him and he tests aspects of my play that are kinda fun sometimes. Dunno, some days he’s annoying, and not everyone likes him, but most days I think he’s fun.”

The wrong way: “Gargos is so much fuc.king bulls.hit, look at all this crap he gets away with, he’s so annoying and stupid. < in soft voice > (But I dunno I like him a bit)”

I dunno which way you do it, but if it’s the top way then we don’t have a problem. I have heard the bottom way from many, many people.


So, why don’t you? If it happens often enough (hey, there’s that sphere of influence I was talking about!), then it should be easy for you to do.

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I wish I could find the clip on my archive because I literally worded it pretty close to this just the other day. I get a bad rep for being toxic on my streams, but damn if I’m not one the nicest guys who talks about KI lol. I remember making a video talking about KI in the same fashion that Infiltration did talking about S2 of SFV and he was praised for talking about how he doesn’t like the game yet I get called toxic :frowning:

This is why I’m the villain KI deserves. No more mr nice guy.

Fair point I suppose, but it’s still a single example that you can’t provide. If this is a regular thing, then it should be relatively easy to find in spades. It also helps to remember that a negative influence lasts far longer than a positive one (sadly).

Again I reiterate the fact that it’s not my job to promote KI, I simply do it when I can because of my love for the game. People see me in a position of power because I acquire large numbers when I stream for Killer Instinct. Perhaps it’s important to get more people to stream instead of relying on the "toxic’ LCD guy to say nice things about Gargos lol.

How about you Galatic, why don’t you stream?
I know Infil streams once in a blue moon to analyze sets which are very good and informative by the way but he doesn’t have an audience.

The problem is that I streamed KI every single day for 3 years straight, I put in the time and work to grow the audience for KI. Newer people who step up aren’t going to see the same results in a couple days especially if they aren’t a known player. Perhaps what’s best is for me to stop streaming the game all together? Bass can carry the torch.

Microsoft should really consider bringing back their weekly streams.

The answer to this is simple - I can’t; my network connection (at 6mbps down, 1mbps up, with ~40-100ms ping) doesn’t allow for it. Believe me when I say that I would if I could (and yes, I’ve tried, and on numerous occasions).

Furthermore, getting better Internet isn’t even an available option where I live right now (with only 1 ISP in the area - AT&T, which is evil, BTW), and I can’t afford to move.

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I think Larry is right on one point. Maybe more of us should stream and be positive

I also think bar the kiwc, which should get the lion’s share of the pot most of the events should be online. It’s apparent that people aren’t really turning up to them.

But no one is entitled to turn up money. If you decide to go it’s on your own buck and velution.

In conclusion, more streamers, more positivity and quit complaining about pots.

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I don’t really believe in stroking people’s egos, but this simply isn’t true. The regular players and community members have never hung out at MS playing KI with the team, nor have they won any tournaments. Whether you like it or not, Charles Barkley, you’re a role model.


We’re too busy fighting with ourselves over character MU’s and balance and even friggin TEA-BAGGING and you think we NEED A VILLAIN!?

The last thing this community needs right now is drama.


You are soooo wrong about this statement… it has everything to do with not supporting people they think dont deserve their respect.

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