Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

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Metro Exodus Stream inbound in about 15 mins! This game looks and plays great!
Come by and check it out for a minute…say hello!


I just picked up a pair of Rif 800LX headphones with DOlby Atmos and they are amazing!! Dolby Atmos and 3D audio is so Fn awesome! If you have never tried them out… do it! You wont want to ever use regular surround sound headphones again!
Anyway…I’m about to test them out and stream some Metro Exodus! COme check it out… the game is amazing BTW…maybe the best FPS single player game I’ve ever played!
Stream link is above in previous post.


Streaming “Sekiro, Shadows Die Twice” tongiht! Lets go!!! Stop by and check it out for a bit… chat.
“Samurau Souls!” SO far its great… combat it awesome and rewarding! Traversing the land feels odd though… reminds me a lot of Nioh in the way it feels and looks obviously. But the tools menu and only 1 attack button defintiely feels like Nioh.
And WOW… the Collectos edition box is just superb! Seriously… its the best value of a collectiors edition Ive ever purchased or seen.

*** back on it right now for part 3…Chained Oger boss fight and beynd now that I have the flame cannon…lets go!