Post your Stream links here! Twitch Stream Link thread for the Forum Friends!

When I’m streaming, you can find me at this link:

Here’s the link to the replay of the stream:

Streaming VampYr right now! COme by and chat or follow!

Streaming KI for a bit if any one wants to play a few short sets! FT5s!
THen Im moving on to Tomb Raider or PS4 NIOH, or FIghting EX layer or SFV
(Finally got my stream up! My privacay setting were all out of whack! 30 mins late but IM here! Come chat or play! Pls trade follows1 Spread the word!)

Lots of great sets going on! me and @iDoMusic4Media up soon!

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Thanks to everyone that tuned in and played a set! THanks to all the new followers! @FallibleJoker14 next time you drop in the chat you gotta stay and play a set! @iDoMusic4Media and I had an epic 30 game set! It was fun! A Few others Im not sure if they are on the forums but thanks to all the new followers and as always I return the follow!

See you guys next time…maybe tomorow!


Here we go!!! Shadow of the Tomb Raider stream!
Not that it matters yet, but my Season pass and costumes, bonuses, ect…wouldnt load in the MS store. Wondering if its due to release time lock or something? Ill try again later.

@BigBadAndy DUde this game looks amazing!!! OMG!

Great playing ya brother!

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Its been a while but IM about to run a quick stream of Assassin’s creed Odyssey!
Check out this beautiful game! I had a rough start, didnt like it much, then realized I was attempting areas I didnt need to be in yet. FInished the 1st 2 quests and received a bow and some moves that help me get back to where the game is actually really fun! SO far its waaaaaay better than Origins!

More Assassin’s Creed Odyssey! Come see this beautiful game as I infiltrate Desphina Fort and help a fellow mercenary out for his retirement! lol
This game is amazing! Its so smooth and the game play is very cinematic and flowing! I love it! Best AC game by far!

Anyone out there still streaming often? If so share it here!

Streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 on twitch

I haven’t streamed in a while, I dont get many viewers lol… but I am about to give the Devil May Cry 5 demo a run on stream and then some MKX online and Red Dead Redemption 2!

Actually… I think Im going to stream on Mixer this time!

WOW!!! THis Devil May Cry 5 Demo is Fn amazing!!! I want to play more…NOW!!! It doesn’t come out till MArch??Ughhhh!!! That was too short…this game looks sooo good!!!
I have Devil May Cry HD something and its …OK. This here is beautiful!
I highly recommend this demo! It will only take up about 30 mins of your time…so don’t pass up on it!

Is Darksiders 3 anywhere close to looking and playing this good?

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Streaming MKX and a few other games today… its my Birthday too …yeah!

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Congratulations dude!!
Expect some likes on your Xbox clips soon :sunglasses:

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I streamed a bit of SHadow of the TR tonight…I forgot how great this game looks! I haven’t played SHadow or AC odyssey since Red Dead 2 came out so Im a bit rusty on other games. I really enjoyed the area I played tonight…it was this oil refinery, all stealth and a ■■■■■ bad ■■■ RAMBO, fire cinematic that was just brutally EPIC! I streamed on MIxer this time and Im probably going to stick with MIXER even though I rarely get any views.
I wish more people would stream, post their links here or on FB, and more check out my streams as well. BUt…owell… it is what it is.
IM about to stream and test out this new game I got on Gold, Never Alone (Kisima Innitchuna)…it looks really cute and artistic, so Im going to give it a go!

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Because of time zone differences it is hard to catch my US friends’ streams.
I will check out replay but hope to catch you live some time this week if you stream again.

Im about to stream Omen of Sorrow story mode!

On my Twitch channel since its PS4. Getting everything set up right now… but the kids are running around and what not so…ehhhhh. I should be un and going by 7:20pm central time

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Final stream of 2018! Ranked Aganos KI matches while drinking a crap-ton of egg nog!

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Hey guys! Been a while… I’m about to stream some KI for a bit and then probably some Metro Last light or RE2.
FOr some odd reason I’ve been getting 2-5 new followers on Twitch every day for the last 2 weeks! I don’t know why as I haven’t even used twitch in months. Ive been using Mixer since its just easier on XBox. I must be hosting someone big in the afternoons and they are getting my channel and following me from there. Owell…Ill take it! SO I guess I better get on Twitch for a bit as a thank you.

TWITCH app on Xbox allows you to move the Viewer bar to 12 different locations!!! Hells yeah!!!

Streaming Metro Last light redux right now in preparation of next week’s Metro Exodus release! This game is pretty cool!

Metro Exodus Stream inbound in about 15 mins! This game looks and plays great!
Come by and check it out for a minute…say hello!