Post your Fight Stats! Who has the most hrs played?

Hey everyone!

I’m curious who has me beat in Total Play Time. I’m currently at 475 hrs but I’m sure there are people out there with higher. Let’s see them! Bonus points for screenshots!



0 hours so far! But you just wait until PC release…

Where do you even go to seen that screen?

Nearly 310 hours. Not as much as some, but a whole lot of time :slight_smile:

Rookie here, didnt start playing a lot since recently and mostly offline, but getting into the swing of things and looking forward to season 3.

Mine is …
Total play time 163 hours: 42 mins
Online play time is 29 hours.

If I’m reading that right?

As @BigBadAndy said recently…this is a great way to show your wife that the investment of a 400$ fight stick is worth it.

41 cents per hour played or 0.006 cents per minute!!!

Its totally worth it!!!

Mine shows 138:46:30. I assume this clock started for season 2. If I look on the smart glass app it has me at 617 hours. This reflects the insane amount of time I spent in S1 that I haven’t been able to replicate this year. Stupid work…

Holy crap I thought it would be a lot more than this. Looks like I’m totally casual as heck. At least as a Killer I have more wins than losses. Just a run of the mill .500 team. :anguished:

239 hours played, though the Xbox app has me at 2752 hours.
4339 ranked matches
65% win ratio.
Most used characters: Aria 55% usage with a 66% win ratio, Riptor with a 33% usage and 69% win ratio, and Shago with 13% usage with a 59% win ratio.

Do these stats not take into account Season 1?? My Thunder usage would be much much higher than Shago if it did.

Nice, at 1700 myself, so got a ways to go yet :grin:

Trying ranked at the moment, to go from gold to killer. Need to get most of the online challenges for eacht character.