Post throw setups

So I’ve been wondering,what are the setups I use a lot, what are the setups other players use, which of those are bad, what can I incorporate?

The things I do after throw are:

bomb -> medium fission
bomb -> jump over -> detonate
bomb -> jump over -> medium kick
bomb -> jump over -> grab
bomb -> jump over ->
bomb -> sweep -> detonate
bomb -> grab -> light FUFF

Do You folks know any other setups, maybe some really dirty ones? I’m not that familiar with frame data, also not that inventive in regards of setups.

You forgot bomb -> jump over -> grab

I try to meaty with cl.MP when they’re in the corner. You can either chain it or grab again for a mixup

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There are very tight setups for bomb heavy fission. It leaves you much more + but is highly reactable for wakeup shadows or dps. There is a lot of trail blazer stuff that can be done as well, the possibilities are nigh endless here based on strength used, angle taken, bombs on opponent and there are even character specific trail blazer setups.

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