Post-Season 3 Soundtrack

So, Kilgore is out and so is his own theme song.
The question is: will there be a soundtrack or an official release of this new song (along with the themes of future characters) in digital format?
Because now I feel my album is incomplete…

Didn’t they say they that the two next characters might not have a theme though

If that’s true I will not be happy. I’m already not happy about the fact that Shadow Jago doesn’t have one.

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Omen’s theme doesn’t count?

It counts as Omen’s theme. Not Shadow Jago’s

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Even though Shago and Omen are the same character in everything besides visual and gameplay?

Unless Atlus and Celdweller were given a request of “Your own take on Omen/Shago’s theme”, an extraa thheme for Shago would probably be so similar it wouldn’t be worth making.

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I acknowledge all that. Honestly I’d rather Herald of Gargos become Shago’s theme and give Omen a new one.

They didnt say that

They said “At least one will have a theme” as if it wasn’t a definite statement.

That’s a jump…

I always thought of it more as shago’s theme more so than Omens because the theme is basically Jagos, just demonized.

You take my words and twist them all about smh.

If I say at least one has a theme, and we are releasing one, it’s because we are talking about one character at the moment. Goodness gracious.


No…never the title of the song is called “Herald of Gargos” not “Unexpected Love child of a Monk and a Demon Splitting Apart”. As far as I see it shago brought the stage and omen brought the tunes that’s why they make for great roommates lol.

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I think Shago and Omen both share a theme to be honest.

Though if the other two characters don’t have a theme, that feels a bit odd…I wonder why?

Don’t you mean…

“Goodness Glacius”

(Ba dum tsss)


So… about the topic?

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