Post Hi Res Screens


I really liked all the 1080p screenshots of Season 3 characters that @rukizzel posted in the news section over time. I think Mira has one of the best win poses in the game and would like to use a 1080p screenshot as a desktop. If you want, please post your fav color combos and screens in 1080p!

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Oh I will get one for you, promise! Maybe I can do so this weekend.


Man that’d be sweet. I keep trying to capture Mira’s win pose on the xbox direct but so far, no dice.
Cheers man if you can do this.

Someone posted Mira during the win pose at Thunder’s stage with rain on her with the mask. It was lower res though. Really awesome shot.

I don’t think this is quite as high res as what @rukizzel can capture.

Sorry if I’m cutting in. I wanted to see what the game looked like at max settings.

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No you aren’t cutting in, I want to see everyone’s best shots (on topic of Mira). Good stuff!