Possible Stage ultras for season 3, involving S1 and 2 stages

Sup everyone,

Since S3 was announced, I know everyone has had ideas about characters and stages that hopefully be in the game.

I will update the thread with images when i get off of work.

I believe in S3 more stage ultras should be integrated. Example below

For Jago’s stage, They should do the same as aria’s stage. The opponent will be knocked through the door and falls to his/her fate or the bell drops and the after shock destroys half the stage resulting t=in the opponent dropping through the rubble.

For Sabrewulf’s stage, the opponent is knock back onto the table with straps and is then fried by the 2 orbs above it.

Orchid’s stage, the opponent is hit with bullet from the helicopter which also hits the ground. you then will fall due to the floor collapsing.

glacius stage, opponent is knock back into a blizzard, which drops into a cave, the next scene shows you frozen in ice.

sadira’s stage, the opponent is throw back and giant spider spits a line of web and drags you with it back to its lair, or eats one on contact, or the other assassins that follow sadira will trample you. You could fall into a fit and land on a spiders web where mini spider will surround you. The possiblities are endless.

Thunder stage, simple, you get knocked off a cliff.

Spinal’s stage, You’ll get tossed into the ocean or get dropped to the shadow realm by green glowing hands (similar to Hisako’s stage). The octopus could be used is guess or something with the ghost ship.

Fulgores’s stage, you’ll get sucked into the giant thing is the middle of the stage. then it explodes.

T.J combo’s stage. already has one

Maya’s stage, a lash of lighting stikes you on the ground near you and you fall into the river or somewhere. Insects or giant snake eats you. something amazonian related.

Kan-ra’s stage, Already has one.

Riptor stage, All other raptor come out and eat you. really haven’t though that one yet tho.

Omen’s stages, the same as i suggested for jago’s stage ultra

Agonies stage, Already has one

Hisako’s stages, already has one, I call hr bae-sako

Cinder’s stage, haven’t thought of it yet but something to do with the robots or tubes in the back, or maybe just get knock into the lava.

Aria’s stage, Already has one.

Shago A.K.A the new shadow jago, same stage as jago, and omen.

Rash, may have one when he’s re-released in march 2016

Kim wu- Bae #2, may have one, will know in march 2016

And best believe, when she comes out in, i’ll be ready



anyone care enough to share their opinion?

In my opinion, every stage should have a stage ultra.


S1 Stage Ultras would be amazing and some stages are really begging for them. During the course of S2, Adam Isgreen mentioned that they have plans for them, but that they just haven’t had the time yet. Hopefully now that S2 is almost done, they can work on adding them for S3. I’m afraid this might not happen though since people don’t seem to care about them all that much compared to Ultimates / No Mercies… That being said, I feel their omission makes the game seem a bit incomplete and I wish MS/IG would take the time to incorporate them.


Well hopefully during the making of S3 and beyond, they’ll add them. I know sadira’s stage is screaming for it.

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I will say this now: Hell yes to MORE NEW Stage Ultras including for the Season 1 stages as well as the Season 3 stages :sunglasses: