Possible spoilers concerning tusk's story

So, I noticed this the other night and I haven’t seen anyone else point it out. First, I believe that Tusk is the unknowing herald of Eyedol. If you aren’t aware, Gargos and Eyedol are the two lords of shadow and had been at each other’s throats for pretty much eternity in the original KI timeline. Gargos disguises himself as the “Tiger Spirit” in order to influence his chosen champion, Jago. In turn, I believe that Eyedol disguises himself as the “Wolf Spirit” which Tusk calls to when he uses instinct. Tusk’s amnesia I could only guess at, possibly it was done to make him a more effective tool of Eyedol.

Further, I believe that Spinal and Tusk are related. They have similar design, in that they are both seemingly of viking origin. Spinal’s theme uses a language descended from the nords (swedish I believe). Spinal has a Kilt, almost identical to the one that Tusk wears. Also, Tusk’s stage has ships in the background which bear a very striking resemblance to Spinal’s stage’s ship from KI2. As such, I believe that Tusk likely knew Spinal in his life, whether that be by blood or just knowing each other. What do you guys think?

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If Tusk and Idol knew each other, that would be just…amazing. Like “Tobias…you’ve lost weight.”, or something to that affect.

so basically youre saying that Eyedol are Odin in desguise…? And yet why Eyedol should do the same things that Gargos does like foolishing warriors to cross the astral plane and set his invasions? Look i know youre trying to dig into something but if it was like that the dragon spirit that protects Kim Wu should be something evil too and there would be no chance of salvation for mankind. I doubt IG goes like this when you think about Eyedol to be the ancient king of babylon and actual beloved master of Aganos. Even after sending Aganos to hunt Kan-Ra down his heart couldnt rest until his eyes behold the death of Kan-Ra. Dead at some point he couldnt recover from his ashes. Inconsistency are something that breaks the whole sense of the game when you think at its plot. Lets be more creative and stop copying the stories from a character to another. Plus Eyedol chances to be in this game are minimal.

I…don’t understand what you’re saying? I mean, I kind of do, but you’re throwing in a lot of things I didn’t say. Eyedol is Odin? I didn’t say that. Eyedol is the Babylonian King? I didn’t say that either. Unless there is a story source I don’t know of, IG has released nothing about Tusk beyond that he is immortal, has no memory and claims to be a “watchman of the Gods”. No direct correlation with which Gods, simply a deity figure. Jumping to the conclusion they are Viking deities is understandable and could be the case, but also it could not be. Since there is no story reason for him to call out to a “Wolf Spirit” yet, i’m making what conclusions I can with limited in game data. Also, I’m saying that two Lords of Shadow probably have similair methodology, both being trapped in the Shadow Realm (Assuming Eyedol is still trapped in the shadow realm at all.) Is the Dragon Spirit a Lord of Shadow? No clue. There’s a lot of fertile ground for new “bosses” in future seasons and some sort of God isn’t technically necessary for the Big Bad(s) to be defeated.

Also, as an aside, i’d like to point out that the new mode coming out is called “Shadow Lords”. I’d further like to point out the plural nature of “Lords”. Gargos is a Shadow Lord and Eyedol is a Shadow Lord. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Eyedol will be one of the Lords in the mode but given how IG has given in to fan demand for Gargos, Eyedol is not so far off base, be it this season or next.

Looking forward to your reply :smiley:

You had me until ‘wolf spirit’

It’s really reaching

sorry if you couldnt get it. Its a little complicated terms i’ve used but overall they’re just examples. I mean we need something that leads to a more consistent story for this reboot of KI got it? [quote=“Larc9783, post:4, topic:9238”]
there is no story reason for him to call out to a “Wolf Spirit” yet

yup. The “wolf spirit” thing. Im guessing it could be too yolo for Eyedol do the same as Gargos did with Jago. I say each boss has to be on their own business.

It means that Omen miniions around the world will fight you as a mimic of the regular characters. They’ll have the ability to copy the KI fighters and use their skills while Gargos invades the earth.

I mean granted Tusk is over 10,000yrs old so he definitely knows everyone.