Possible my best and most exciting set of matches ever!

This is really my favorite match of all time. These 3 matches against raw fox were very exciting. Felt like I was watching a wwf attitude era/SvR era style match on pay per view! Usually a victory over someone else with both of us in the danger zone feels quite empty but not this time.

That third match though… O_o

Anyway, this is the set of 3 matches right before those other 3 above:

Best jago, right here.

So, just something I noticed in the top 3 clips (I haven’t watched the bottom 3 yet), but you’re not maximizing your use of instinct. Multiple times I saw you throw your opponent while in instinct and sitting on 2 full bars of shadow meter - you could’ve canceled those throws into a shadow fireball and started a continuous juggling string of unbreakable, healing fireballs…


I know, usually I do that but this match was hype and I wanted to make it a little more intense.

By underplaying Jago? I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to work. If I did something like that, I certainly don’t think I’d be as excited as you are about it…

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I don’t think I can explain how I felt during that match. It was simply amazing.

Well, I suppose that’s all that matters, am I right?

Well, concerning that third match from the top clips:

Since the second half of S2, those type of matches didn’t feel satisfying, even if I won. This match however was quite different.

I’m usually very satisfied with matches where both players are in the danger zone. It shows that both players tried their hardest and/or were on a pretty level playing field. Either way, being so close to death, only to find out that you thrive or die after all is said and done is 1 of the most intense feelings I get in FGs.


I know. But with me it has gotten to the point where that feeling is stressful. So much that I’ve considered retiring from online ranked.

I added you. No response yet. I like playing against Jagos. Fun matcup, win or lose.