Possible bug fighting Kan-Ra

You guys may know this already, but it seems you can’t break Kan’s heavy tornado linker on hits 5 and 6. Just a fyi, in case it helps.

I still like playing against him, as he’s a puzzle that’s challenging to solve if he gets his setups, so this is important to be aware of. As all of us Aganos players know, we can be kicking butt the whole match but still get blowed up if we lose our momentum and get caught in vortex city w/out chunks.

Are you trying to say this is a bug specific to vs Aganos or vs everyone? Take a video of it and put it in the bug reporting thread if that’s the case.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’ve tested this with Aganos and Orchid. And made a thread in the bug reporting area already. As I main Aganos, I was simply letting fellow Aganos players (who may not check the bug area) know of these findings.

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