Possible Bug? can't break Thunder's Shadow Axe Sweep (Linker?) after being hit with Forward Heavy

So I just had a fight with a dude who’s a great thunder but I noticed after getting hit with a forward heavy which he steps forward and hits with you with two vertical axe swings, I noticed he cancelled into a shadow axe sweep. He’s done it three times and I noticed I was unable to break it.

Is this some sort of bug? or am is it something else. If it is, please fix it when possible.

Until then I’m gonna try not to block low every time I see Thunder about to two step and drive more axe blades into my face.

Have a nice day!

His overhead axe swings are not an opener, the shadow ankle slicer is. So, you can’t break until after that.



Just as a general rule, most characters can utilize specials or command normals as ‘extended’ openers. Jago, for example, can use Forward Roundhouse into Laser Sword (Shadow or Normal) without being broken.


I believe its similar to Wulf’s LP>MP>HP>Shadow Overhead (I forget the name of the kick special) where the whole string counts as an opener. I dunno if all of the cast have this ability but its certainly a lot.

With only very, very few exceptions, a grounded normal canceled into a special move (including shadow special moves) is never breakable, because the special move is the opener. That’s what happening to you here.

The only exceptions are when that normal is marked “opener” by the game, which is only true of, like, under 10 total normals in the game (examples include Glacius lance and Spinal slide).

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Tusk’s normals that cause stagger acts as openers from the get-go, any following special is breakable.

That’s what I meant, his ankle slicer. I forgot what the attack was called, but after the overhead axe he goes into ankle slicer (shadow) and I tried to break it, but couldn’t/

Ah I see. Well then looks like I’ll have to stop crouch blocking thunder from now on.