Possible Air On Ryo Zan vs Rash Bug?

So I was playing in tourney against EMPR_Menzo, and a weird occurrence happened where after I did a wall splat again rash and attempted to bring him back down with Air On Ryo Zan when he jumped, the on ryo zan phased right through him for no reason.

This has been bugging the hell out of me and I’ve tried to recreate it in training with no luck. I assumed it was because maybe his hitbox shrank and my on ryo zan possibly missed? but I tried this in training, on ryo zan hit every time. I have no clue what happened and I need some other Hisako players to help me figure this out.

Here is the footage i am speaking of:


I think you were just slightly late on the TK’d ORZ. I’ve seen similar things happen midscreen with air-ORZ resets. Don’t think you kissed the timing by much, but seems like it was just enough.

Yeah, seems like you were a tad too late.

Kiss the timing…So that is how you always beat me with Hisako!

It’s so weird. I tried to recreate this, but I couldn’t. It would hit all the time.

I hate rash so much.

Are you kidding me? Have you seen Hisako’s teeth… Her kisses are deadly! :smiley: