Possibility random music in versus against AI

@developers is it possible to make it happen, when you select Versus against AI and i select random stages and random music, that afther a match when i select rematch it automatic changes to a random stage with a random music theme?
Like spinal’s stage with Mira’s theme. then i select rematch and i play on Tusk’s stage with rash’s theme and so on.
Thanks for looking into this and hopefully make it happen. :slight_smile:

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It would be a nice feature, no doubt about it.

But seems kinda impossible, since the game should re-load both stage and music everytime you press rematch, so it would take some time to load, and rematch wouldn’t be as fast as it is. Af far as I know, no modern fighting game does what you suggest

I was sure at least 1 did as I’m confident I’ve seen it before.