Positioning for Stage Ultras

Hi all,

For performing Stage Ultras, do you need to be in a certain spot on the Stage, or can they be performed anywhere?

I tried performing one on the Pinnacle just now, but all I got was a Shadow move :stuck_out_tongue:.

You need to be in a certain spot on the stage. If I remember right…

TJ Stage: Far(?) Left side
Kan-Ra: Center, in the ritual circle
Hisako: Right, near the altar
ARIA: Far Right, Facing right
Arbiter: Mid/Mid Right, near a certain object of the stage (I don’t remember this one too well)


That would explain why it didn’t work then; I was in the wrong position. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure the requirements for Arbiter’s is that you have to be on the left side of the screen (don’t have to be exactly up against the wall) and you have to be facing right.


You left out Aganos’s stage too.


The stage ultras are a little more lenient I think on positioning. ARIA and TJ combo are strict but for Hisako, Arbiter and Kan-ra, you only have to be in the middle of the screen (there will be a visual clue if your in the zone like the space ship or the ritual circle). You just have to be facing towards the middle of the screen. You can’t be on the left/middle side of the screen facing left and do the stage ultra, but you can be in the same position facing right and do the stage ultra. I think you can do any stage ultra facing either way (save ARIA).