Poll: S3 lack of stages

Which people were ok with as is for season 1 and 2, they fixed or brought something that wasn’t desired or needed when a stage per character is expected…

The most dissappointing take away about this whole 3 stage thing, is the fact that the boss character won’t be getting his own stage.

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I mad e this point previously, but it seems most forget about the PC port, and that actually being the primary focus as far as releasing it with minimal bugs and to ruin as fluent and near flawless as the console version, also making sure the net code holds up, cross play is as flawless as possible and enabling the enhancements that Pc has the power to achieve that the xbox currently cannot… this season is much more than just character & stage releases

I think it makes sense that Gargos would be Kan-ra’s stage since that’s where the portal is… who knows, they may introduce new stages after the season is completed

The new lighting makes up for some of it IMO. I haven’t seen many but I saw LCD do a comparison of S2 and S3 version of Sadira’s stage and it almost looks like a new stage in S3, its great.

I hope so, they can always add some patches and things here and there. Doesn’t have to be a whole new Season. I don’t think Season 4 will happen either way. I just hope they add things that are desired/requested.
Maybe some new accessories too because I feel like some characters lost out on cool possible accessories (Fulgore for example is such a wasted opportunity, I can come up with more creative accessories for him)

MS and IG are getting lazy if they think creating only three stages is good (which isn’t right). At least create two more stages, one for Gargos (or Eyedol or both boss characters) and the classic sky stage from the classic games.

At least give us Ultimates for Pete’s sake. Fans have been demanding them since the game launched and MS and IG keep refusing to do them. Sooner or later, they’re gonna have to give in to pressure.

Every character deserves their own stage and I’ll defend this position until this game dies and is no longer supported, I’ll give money to a community fund if I have to. I want full character releases, that means with music AND A STAGE.


For a Full 40 dollars I don’t see what the argument from them is other than laziness

From what I’ve been told the manpower went into going back and relighting all of the old stages.

Theres no need more stages for now.

But they should give us 1 more at the end of S3.

Cmon guys, is a Free to Play game. Remember that!

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No, its not. lol

Its free to try, its a glofied demo if you don’t pay. The vast majority of players have payed between $60 and $120 for these three seasons and even if it was free to play that’s not an excuse to break tradition and start dropping the content quality.

“Glorified demo” would also be the wrong term to use.
They are basically using the same system as they do in League of Legends, having the game entirely free, but characters rotate every so often, but with the offer of buying a character (or all) along with customization options for that character.

Other fighting games have done this as well, such as Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, Tekken Revolution, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown and Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. So KI isn’t doing anything new.

Whatever you call it, it’s not an excuse to cut content. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that putting a price tag on Season 3 that is equal to past seasons, but without giving the equal amount of content, shouldn’t happen. It’s like selling a normal sized pizza for a certain price, then make a smaller pizza and sell it to the same amount. That’s just not an alright thing to do.

What we got from the past two seasons were 8 characters (+ a bonus character in S2), stages for each of them and their customization fluff, plus a port of one of the original games.

However… there are no more original games to take from, so it is only understandable they can’t provide that. And as the main topic suggests, IG won’t provide more than 3 stages to the S3 pack.

So, either IG should’ve lowered the price, or give people something to replace the lacking stages and original game port…

-Lifetime Double XP Booster (that’s right – it’s always on, and stacks with Boosters & other XP promotions)
-Pre-order bonus of 18,000 KI Gold ($40 value)

I think these are the things IG offers in replacement. Whether or not people think this is enough, or they would rather want something else, well… that’s another topic entirely.

I don’t mind the boosters and gold, as they’re probably going to release more outfits and items to buy later with gold but it bugs me to no end that they had the balls to cut five character stages when one of my hopes had been that the ultra edition would include retro stages to make up for the lack of a classic game to cover that extra cost. Giving us LESS stages was downright appalling. x__x

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See, this is when the discussion turns from “Is the S3 pack worth the price with only 3 stages” to “This is my opinion about only getting 3 stages”. Two different sides of the same topic, though.

Killer Instinct already has TONS of stages. With the new 3 stages, there will be 20 to choose from. For a fighting game, that’s freaking lots! No, not every character will have their own unique stage tied to them, and yes, that is indeed sad, but KI isn’t lacking on the stage-department.

As for retro stages, I’d think it would be cool if IG some time after the release of S3 would start making retr stages and perhaps put them in a DLC pack of their own for people to get.

They didnt cut anything.

They didnt stole from you anything that you didnt have it.

As much as I love KI I’m not investing 40$ on the ultra pack. I already did this for the first 2 seasons, not happening again considering all the changes they’ve made to the game that I dislike and the fact that this does not include any extra classic game (which was the selling point for me to shell out $40). Also have to wait a full month just to get the cheesy lvl.4 enders patched out with the toggle option.

Not much of a halo fan and can care less about non KI characters (2 confirmed so far and one more speculated total of 3). So essentially I’ll be paying $40 for content I currently dislike, less overall content, and the uncertainty of what else I’m buying into BEFOREHAND.

For the previous seasons this wasn’t a problem since a guest character wasn’t even an idea and they did bring extra goodies (like the classic ported games) to justify the price tag. No thanks. Gonna get my free update and buy characters individually if I like them (I’m certainly purchasing Tusk and WU)