Poll: Post season 3 characters

Shin Hisako is my least favorite character for a few reasons. She doesn’t have much new, aesthetics-wise. Pretty much regular Hisako with a katana, with very few truly new animations compared to Shago and Kilgore.

Not really a fan of the trend going on with the remix characters that she is part of, too. So far they’ve all been hardcore mix-up and/or zoning characters who are super-negative on pretty much all their specials. It was fine with Shago, but the feeling of redundancy set in around when Shinsako came along right after Kilgore.

I also don’t really feel Shinsako was the accessible, straightforward character the developers said she was going to be. That disappointed me.

Shin hisako needs permanent white hair and change her name to Chiharu. Easy things