Poll: opinion on Eyedol design

Well, simple people, do yo like his new design? I do!

  • I’m an Eyedol fan and I like it
  • Eyedol fan, don’t like it
  • Not Eyedol fan, I like it
  • Not Eyedol fan, don’t like it

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Eager to see his retro!!

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this reveal wait is gonna just as bad if not worse!


Interesting bit of info.


me too bro. Hope his heads isnt too big like what happens with retro Gargos.

Wow, 1200? Even doubling the amount of sfx for a character, that still seems like a lot.

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His new design is great, and S3 retros are spot-on, so… win win


I bet there’s a lot of grunts and effects in his moves. Apart from the first combo and the stance aspect, I couldn’t figure out what was happening. I mean, he gets a floor of lightning AND flaming showers of rocks?? I can’t wait for the Saucey Suite, I hope they have the walkthrough at the start though. Watched a lot of KI this morning, now I wanna get to playing.

Eyedol, Aganos and Gargos

My 3 mains are complete. Giant might!


I used to complain about how skinny S2 characters were.

Arbiter, RAAM, Tusk, Eyedol, Gargos… I got served.

quieres caldo toma dos tazas xd


Really cool and unique. Def fits the art style of KI better than Gargos.

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Great design, but he’s too big.

I never imagined they would make another character that’s taller than Gargos. More zooming out during matches, I guess…

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I wish there was a toggle for not zooming the screen.

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It really feels like the devs served up a “be careful what you ask for” character. I’m eager to see how the madness played out, but I really would’ve expected the “wanted Eyedol, not happy” vote to be a lot higher than it currently is.

I’m not really going to vote, I’m an Eyedol fan and I do like the new design a lot but its not really what I wanted. I’m waiting for Retro Eyedol to see how I truly feel.

why? the redesign is great, and the retro will be great too, judging by S3 retros so far.

Is there a word for reverse schadenfreude?

Well I’m thinking this is a case where the haters didn’t like old Eyedol and decided to be poor sports and talk trash about him but now that they’re seeing the new version they’re actually impressed with what IG has done.


Because it always seemed like Eyedol fans pushed back on the idea that Eyedol was this very goofy concept, and now it seems like this modernization of Eyedol is pure goof. I’d expect those fans to be pissed that new Eyedol isn’t this serious, hard-edge badass warlord.

I see nothing goofy about this modern design.


Comically overweight, ugly, possessed by facial expressions varying between angry and stupid, hits himself in the face, etc.?

I’m not sure why you got that impression, maybe because everybody exagerates things duing discussions. I always felt that Eyedol was a brute warlord, not a serious hard-edge one. But at the same time I didn’t find him goofy. He was brute but not goofy, I don’t think that’s mutually exclusive.