Poll: After S3, who is your main character?


The other one.

Indeed! and also…He’s an awesome werewolf! :grin: what else could I ask?

now that I think of it most of my characters never had proyectiles too. But I’ve always focus on having a decent anti air at least and some nice normals =)
I miss Sabrewulf’s back-forward + K from KI2 (was it invencible? I can’t recall, but I loved that move!!). The Ultra ender I think is a tribute to it.

Here is a video I made of my history playing Wulf, using Little V amazing cover:

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Retro Aganos?

The other other one.

Aganos color 9 with the pagoda set?

the winged one

ARIA color 9?

ew colour 9. gross.


1,2,3,4,5 is where it’s at.

ALL of the KI characters after Season 3 are my mains for me here :smile: :grin:

Sabrewulf will always be my bae.

However…that being said. I’ve taken high interest in Maya, Fulgore and even Gargos.

In that order of experience of course.