Polar Kombat "Canadian Inspired Bi-Weekly"

Polar Kombat

A killer Instinct Bi weekly Tournament centered in Canada for Canadian Ki players. With accordance with Efantz, TTT, and Rize Hosted by Mcsquared2.
The Tournament series is meant to bring the Canadian Ki players spread across to learn and grow together, to start too build a community that we can be proud of.

Matches will be all played on stream if player count is 16 players and/or below Max amount of players is 32
If above Discord will then be used to help the flow of information of players to tournament helpers/organizers
Only Canadians are allowed to enter the tournament however 6 Guest American Players are allowed however must be vetoed or invited with Organizers approval.

Polar Kombat Would also love to Host the Canadian KI Players community Within the Discord chat to keep in touch and inform each other on Anything related to KI.

Discord Chat https://discord.gg/bnNHzKk

Tournament Entree IS “FREE”

–Current DATES–
Tournament Starts at 7PM EST
Februray 23rd
March 9th
March 23rd
Later Dates Pending



  1. https://efantz.com/brackets/Polar%20Kombat(Test)

  2. Search for Polar Kombat under killer instinct

Make sure you are in the right tournament for the date

Please have a internet speed of download of atleast 10 and an upload of 1
Speedtest.net if asked to confirm your speed

–Prize Distribution–
Cash prizes are in CAD
1st Place $20 Free TTT Tournament Entree
2nd Place $15
3rd Place $10
4th Place $5

Payments are done through Paypal!

Feedback is always appreciated Please do so in the Discord Channel

@RGLOfficial and @ZDhome may be interested in this.

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I might be RGLs guest, but I’m not sure if he will be able to play.

It’s up to him to decide and explain why.

You can also talk to me about getting into the tournament.

Sweet Thank you for sharing!