Pokemon Sun & Moon Alola Forms?

Wow! The first time I saw this, I didn’t think that 1st Generation Pokemon would even have these forms. I’m still trying to digest in my mind what I just now have seen!

This is going to be an awesome game to play!!!

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and so troll :smiley:

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I think Firefox Froze.


Nice, very nice. Very neat and cool as well as interesting designs AND forms for this all-new Pokemon generation overall too :smile:

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Y’know because of the this news:

I’m reviving my stream by playing Pokemon white 2!

Hooray for self advertisement! Kappa.

If you want in just watch around 4:00 EST today:

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These are awesome… but they were never the types of Pokemon I’d carry in my party

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My fire and dark body is Invincible!

Reviving this thread!

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