Pokémon or Digimon?

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Definitely, preferably, AND hands-down Pokemon over Digimon as I came across as well as grew up with Pokémon FIRST in my case. At the same time I enjoy Pokémon FAR/MUCH MORE better than Digimon for me here overall. Plus I happened to be a BIG, LONG-TIME Pokémon fan/fan of the Pokémon franchise :grin: :smile: :sunglasses:

Gotta catch’em all! Gotta catch’em all! Pokémon!

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I never THOROUGHLY enjoyed either one, but I grew up thinking that Digimon was a rip-off of Pokemon.

Can someone with a good understanding of the history tell me about which one came first? (and related info?)

Pokémon Emerald was the first game i ever played

Digimon was inspired by virtual pets.

While Pokemon came from Japanese kids catching and fighting beetles.

I think Pokemon came first…

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I don’t really like either but Pokémon of these two. Is Digimon still active? Seems obsolete at this point.

Oh yeah, Digimon is STILL going strong too last time I checked :wink: