Pokemon Go

Are any of you lately playing the all-new mobile app game Pokemon Go? If so, a few questions:

  1. How are you liking/enjoying it so far?
  2. How many Pokemon have you caught and overall are in your database cache currently?
  3. What level are you currently at?
  4. Have you experienced ANY mishaps/accidents while playing Pokemon Go by any chance?

Nope, sorry. Too busy living under a rock…


I have an issue where I live playing the game…I live out in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town has 3 pokestops, & it’s not really a pedestrian town. So I really haven’t been able to play much.

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I’m taking a break until they fix the tracking system. No point in playing if you can’t find any Pokemon.



Nope. Don’t have aa phone with cellular datoor anything. I don’t like mobile games that require a connection. Ruins the point of mobile.

Number 1. I’ve had a mixed enjoyment of it. After the major server issues close to launch were ironed out, the game became fairly enjoyable. I was in a vacation spot for the first week of play, and managed to gather tons of items and supplies. There was also a lot cellular traffic in the area, which translates to a lot of activity. Caught a lot of them in that first week and really enjoyed it.

However, after coming home and playing in a rural area with little cell signal coverage, and almost no freebie stops at all, my supplies have dwindled to nothing, activity around here for the pokemon is sparse, rare ones almost never appear, and it’s become much more of a chore to level up the good ones and maintain supplies.

I’ve also hit a higher level where leveling up is now a huge grind, and since pidgeys and other low levels I can find frequently escape WAY too easily for some reason, you get very little you can do other than battling gyms and hatching eggs. There’s currently little else for an end game activity. Catching low level pokemon for exp and stardust is super hard because even the most insignificant ones with low level combat power break out super easily now, which is honestly ridiculous. When you have to waste 10 pokeballs on a pidgey who’s not even above 100 power to catch it, there’s something unfair about the situation.

In short, if you live in a city or high cell traffic area, and a good number of stops, it’s not so bad. If you live in a rural area, good luck, you’ll need it.

Number 2. Caught 104, Seen 105.

Number 3. Level 21

Number 4. In the beginning, a lot of server issues. Now, just the aforementioned stupid mechanics of catching low level pokemon with a high escape probability that doesn’t make much sense. There are also two stops out in our area that extend just slighlty beyond cell coverage. So you see them on map, but the moment you try to go for them, you’ll lose your cell signal and you can’t use them to gather supplies.

Edit: Something about the forums post is messing with my numbers format.

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So don’t have enough time, been too busy, other particular reasons, or simply just NOT interested in that game?

Just not really interested, not to mention there had been some questionable things about the game.

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Gotcha and the very same goes for me here too. And I totally understand what you’re talking about there also :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. Btw, did you see my comment from the KI fanfiction about you returning? Like seriously, I was really worried.

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How are you liking/enjoying it so far?

-It’s a love/hate relationship right now lol. On one hand, I’m addicted to hitting the poke stops in my area and I enjoy adding a new pokemon to the ole pokedex. The collecting reward mechanic hits the right notes.

Unfortunately, all of the glitches, and tracking issues and what not means that a bunch of the people I know who actually got me playing it in the first place have stopped playing it. One person even had her whole game wiped for some reason and couldn’t get it back, so she just decided she was done with it.

So yeah, it can be frustrating, no question. But when I’m taking a nice long walk with my dog after a long day of work, it’s a nice little distraction. :slight_smile:

How many Pokemon have you caught and overall are in your database cache currently?

I’ve caught 66 different ones, but as for the sum total of what I’ve caught? I’m not sure where to find that. Guessing it’s quite a bit since I’ve evolved and transferred a bunch.

What level are you currently at?

Currently level 19, slowly inching up toward 20 though!

Have you experienced ANY mishaps/accidents while playing Pokemon Go by any chance?

It was rather late a few nights ago and the sun had already set. I was still walking my dog and we were heading home after putting a good two hours in on the trails. Now, when it’s dark, and you’re looking at the screen, it takes your eyes a minute to adjust back to the darkness, even when you have a flashlight (as I did).

Thankfully, my dog stopped dead in her tracks, because it took me a moment before realizing that there was a skunk about ten feet from us, staring us down. I stopped, let my eyes adjust. “Is that… Oh shh… Yeah, it is.” And then slowly turned and walked in the other direction.

I’ll chalk that up as a near accident. :slight_smile:

I also saw some kids almost get hit by a car because they were rushing toward the location of a Gyarados lol. Again, near accident.

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Don’t worry, I ALREADY did and I ALREADY saw it too so thanks very much for that. Very much appreciated also :grin: :smile:

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Windows phone, says:no

It’s the first app I actually feel I’m missing out on.

Another question on Pokemon Go:
5. By any chance have you witnessed ANY funny and amusing as well as even crazy moments/incidents while on Pokémon Go?

Yup. I was driving friends around at the best park in our area. They all wanted to stop and get McDonald’s which is right near the park. At the drive-thru they decide to park us in front to wait for the food. As we’re sitting there, I check pokevision and notice a Blastoise spawned back at the park with a 6 minute timer. I was absolutely furious. It gets down to 2-3 minutes before they give us the food. That’s when I floor it back to the park and see a crowd of people charging across a softball field. We figured out that the Blastoise was beyond the fence to a restricted golf course, so no one got it.

Then there was also the time the four of us were tracking down a Gengar at 3 AM with the broken tracker. We checked every single spot before arriving at the obvious spawn that we all overlooked (a dumpster that usually always has rare spawns). Sure enough, the Gengar was in it, and we all sat there and tried to catch it. It ate literally ALL of our razzberries, ultra balls, and great balls, and even crashed my game. Nevertheless we were all able to catch it with basic pokeballs and no berries. Not even any fancy throws. Ridiculous.

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