Plz Fix the Forum Design

Hello there pals, how is it going?

Came here to ask, who did approved this ■■■■■ green texture and removed the black bg from the top bar of this forum?

The contrast went bad on bright monitors and not event let me start on the floating words of the heading when scrolling down
@TheKeits pls :smile:

the green background is nice (it only took, what 2 years? not bad…)

the floating thing at the top. yeah hmmm… it’s very functional yet aesthetically ugly. which one would hope would be obvious to them

It’s a work in progress. Rukari asked us to contact him if we see anything that doesn’t look like it’s working right.

The green pattern on background is straight out of Geocities, 1997 personal web sites, ugly, confusing and low contrast to the grey text.

The floating bar is missing a black bg with .8 alpha index to it.

On my the Mac the green pattern doesn’t look so bad, neither good, but on my other bright monitor, is even confusing and head aching.

Keits doesn’t have any direct control or input over the forums, as far as I know; you ought to direct this feedback to @rukizzel.

I’m also moving this to the Site Feedback section, where it belongs.

I know, the Keits tag was humorous as everyone tag him on fixes :wink:

Admittedly, the green triangle grid background does kinda annoy my eyes.
Maybe invert it, so they are shown in the sides, but fade to black in the middle.

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They should make a completely new forum design IMO. This one is just black horizontal lines and letters

Nothing wrong with the layout, information organization is not bad either, aside from what I noted.

What annoys my eyes is that they are thin green highlighted grid behind thin white text.
I don’t mind the design, but it annoys my eyes. Maybe if the grid was dark purple in the middle and fading into green in the sides, or like I stated at first, fade to black in the middle, it would be better. At least in my opinion.

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Aw, I like the new changes lol I think it kind of makes it less blah

Agree, the gridy lines are very harsh on my eyes too. :s