PLZ change forums black background (hurts eyes)

Could we plz have the option to change the background of the forums? It really hurts my eyes trying to read the forums. Most forums use white backgrounds with black text for this reason. Thank you can can’t wait for Season 3!

Black background on white text is generally easier on the eyes. There’s less light being shot at your face. Every time I read books on Kindle I set it up this way and its much less strain, in my opinion.


Man for me it is entirely the opposite. Again, that’s why most any forum has a lighter background w/black text

Yeah, I guess to each his own? More options are always nice.

Having a few different themes would generally be nice, so people can choose which one fits them best and they feel is better for them to read the forums.



I guess the default is white w/ black text? Most forums I’ve been on have had black background so I dunno.
Personally, I think this scheme is less strenuous. But I’ll admit we should have alternatives. Maybe S1, S2, S3 schemes if possible?

While it may fit the theme for S3, let’s just be glad it’s not a purple background with bright green text… Can you imagine how much that would hurt your visual orbs?

One of the things I’ve learned as a teacher is how people perceive color differently. I’ve actually had to teach children who couldn’t even perceive the words on a page unless a certain color scheme was used to see them - to do this we used a see-through color-changing board the kid could use to change the colors of the text and background to suit their needs. Odd? Yes, but very real.

You see, the very idea of color is infiinitely complex, because color is just light being bent and absorbed by everything around you, and as such is in itself, well, infinite. Just for 1 small example, “my” version of the color red may not be “your” version of the color red. This is further compounded by people affected by the numerous variations of color-blindness, those that can see and differentiate 1,000s of colors while others can only see and differentiate 100s of them, and even some that see other things in the colors as well (such as seeing letters or numbers in them - and yes, that’s actually a thing).

When you really think about it, colors are absolutely and truly subjective to each and every individual. Did you know the color “blue” didn’t even technically exist in the past? This was simply because many cultures didn’t actually have a name for it because they didn’t “notice” it - it was just accepted, kind of like how “clear” is used by us today. Sure, the sky was blue, but they considered that their “clear” - the only early civilization known to identify blue as a color were the Egyptians, who used it in much of their jewelry, because they had access to lapis lazuli.

So, the next time it rains and pours, look to the accompanying rainbow and peer deep into its colors that you can see to truly grasp how beautiful it really is. And then think about all the other trillions+ of colors that you’re not seeing that are also there and everywhere around you. Only then can you truly begin to appreciate color.

…kinda makes me feel sorry for the dogs, ya know (since they only see things in black and white, or shades of grey).

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The forums are actually black and blue, not white and gold… Kappa

I will look at what it will take to get themes in here when we do our website refresh.


So, we can take that as you WILL be updating the site (as in a “major overhaul” of sorts)?

Dude would be a MAJOR help rukizzel!!!

I plan on doing more around this later, but yes the site is getting tweaked. Think less overhaul like last time, and more evolution. Was looking at designs last night. Haven’t started with forums though.