Please help with shadow mode achievement

I am asking for help with the shadow mode achievement. I just need 40 more matches and it will be done. It would be great if some of you here on the fourm would help, and just fight my shadows a few times. I would not worry about the achievement, but it will be my last one for 100% I have one other, but it will be done on monday. If any of you are willing to help that would be outstanding.

My GT is the same as my name here. Thank you.

Hi there!
Please use the search function next time. There’s a huge variety of posts on these forums, so the odds of you finding something you’re looking for is very high if you know the keywords.
That being said, if you’re looking for Shadow Lab players, you can go to the link below and add the people who are active, there’s a list and everything…

Diamond vsi0n the o is a zero. Attack me and I’ll attack back every day

Thank you and I will start in a few

You may also add me as well. My GT is my name.

Ok will do