Please Help me

I cant connect to anyone on the KI online servers. Are the servers down?

Unplug your xbox one console and then plug it again.

Check your NAT type on your network to make sure it’s open. May need to reset your modem/router.

Its not my XBOX one its my PC game i dont have XBOX

Oh! I dont know you use PC. D:

The first step is always “turn it off then turn it on again.” If that doesn’t help, check that your network is functioning well.

Turn my PC off and on again? Also my network seems fine except for the turedo tunnel adapter. Its not in device manger

Yes, turn your PC off then on again.

Its still not working :frowning:

Try to disable ur AV and/or firewall.

Did you pay your cable company… Lol!!! JK

o it’s the tederdo sever on the xbox app problem you have to do some cmd comddes it’s on here some whwere

go to microsolf website in type in teddro sever prombem

Check your ISP, sometimes this happens to me when my internet is being funky lol

Here’s the situation: I get this yellow triangle on the Killer instinct xbox server

Check this

Or this

Or type in google teredo adress.

Your method only works for xbox one. I need help with windows 10 Killer Instinct app. I still need help about this topic people

Go to command prompt(admin) and type: netsh interface teredo show state. Check if teredo is enabled or disabled.
Theres also already a thread about it: Has anyone figured out how to fix there Teredo Address issues on PC yet?

I went to command line as admin like you said and this is what shows up:

Ok. Lets try anotter command. Type : Netsh Int Teredo Show Stat