PLEASE Help Me. Unable to Play Online due to Teredo

Hello, please help me KI community. My game would always disc when a match about to begin. This is because of Teredo setting. Below is my current setting

C:\Windows\system32>netsh interface Teredo show state
Teredo Parameters

Type : client
Server Name :
Client Refresh Interval : 30 seconds
Client Port : unspecified
State : probe (secondary server)
Client Type : teredo client
Network : unmanaged

I have tried for the past 7 days reading various posts and following youtube videos to resolve this but I am unable to establish a network. Please whoever had faced this issue before can you write down step by step?


Did you upgrade to windows 10 from an older version of windows?

I used the Xbox support when I had the same problem with my One. It was a 2 hour nightmare. So hopefully this helps. Worst case scenario you can always contact Microsoft for assistance. Good luck.

It might not help you a lot but might find clue on this.

Teredo Errors (Win10)

  • A fix you maybe haven’t tried: