Please help, display driver problems after Creator Update

On my aged laptop KI passed benchmark only on Nvidia driver version 362.0 (with any newer ones I was getting around 800 points in benchmark) but after Creator’s Update I can’t install this version anymore…

Can somebody help with this? Is there a way to bypass it, install this driver manually or something? Or am I screwed? :confused:

Try going to device manager, select your nvidia card,
select to un install mark the option to delete driver.
reboot into safe mode via settings try reinstalling
then reboot. if it does not work, repeat and try
having windows search online?


I figured it out. It turned out in Local Group Rules editor (my OS is not in english so sry for errors) in Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Device Installation, option to “not allow for installation of devices by their drivers” or something like that was ENABLED.

I disabled it, and in device manager my GPU went from “unknown” tab to “display drivers” tab and I was able to install driver.

Basically, Windows disabled access to MY OWN VIDEOCARD.

I did not understand when my friends called Win10 cancer, now I do.

Anyway, maybe somebody will find it useful.