Please give Cinder back the larger radius on Fission ,please!

This is obviously for more asthetic purposes but just on the ultra please,meet me half way, i thought this was the coolest looking move in the game untill they nerfed/decresed the size of the fission/shadow juggle on the end of the ultra and we were able to do a double cancel which of course cinder could do a 2x (second) roundhouse kick cancel,please bring it back,it was awsome.

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I would just like back the old ultra speed back. Actually…could IG make that a toggle option?

buddy i couldnt agree more ,look at kim wu’s ultra, the timing is 1…2…3, 1…2…3 and Jagos’s is 12345-12345-12345 ,ya know the timing, it wouldnt be hard to do, IG baffles me sometimes