Please fix Cinder-hes a mess!

You know Tusk was my fav from ki2 and same for ki1 and cinder but cinder is a dynamical nightmare to operate,not to mention he doesn’t do hardly any damage besides if you get the chip damage,i just wish he was easier to control .
I find myself jealous due to the fact that I wish i could for instance play and operate like rash a little,his openers are very hard to launch & his enders are worthless in that they due NO damage ,please give us a 2.0 version, I think I was a little bias when he came out and was on the bandwagon but its like jar jar binks(SW) bad! Roflol.

… Did I just get baited here?

I mean I just use burn out enders to do my damage. Your either doing little of large amount with this character… wait are you a PC newcomer???

no I play xbox one for my KI needs,its just I just think he needs more openers an damage

More damage + Burn out enders! Come on thats a little OP don’t you think? Give it a month.

Welcome to KI! Cinder is definitely a master’s character - see if you can find videos of Domi and Swordsman online. And Infil’s guide is a great overview of when to use each of his tools.

Cinder is so good right now. He’s just not the easiest character to play.


I agree, I enjoyed the new stuff her got as well. He doesn’t need any more damae boosts either. If he did he may lose those awesome tools he got.

Hey OP it’s the first day try playing with him a bit more before calling for buffs ok?

Have you been playing around with his new toys? I have. Dude, Cinder is a bigger threat in Season 3 now.

Oh yeah. I expect him to be used more.

More damage? technically Cinder can do 100% combo if he keeps his opponent burnt long enough and can cash it out. That’s of course is theoretically. Now consider this he can burn body parts and basically take out most character tools because of it. Now the opponent to has to not fan the flames or keep their tools and risk taking more potential damage. He can literally lock down opponents and limit their options.

You’re just not playing him right. Cinder is so good. Try confirming HK into Shadow Fission as an opener. Lots of damage!

Cinder needs some love again. And his gamaplay should be easier as a solid rushdown and not mixed techs. And the VFX on his fired up effects still aliasing as furc. I hate how SFIV Oni beats his VFX like all the time. :rage:

Cinder’s gettin’ some love. At least from those of us who would like something new from the bread and butter rushdown that Sabre already is. Just practice some more with him.

Besides you have some new tools you can use in certain situations as well.

I’d be lying if I said I had trouble learning Cinder when he first came out, but we such a favorite of mine along side Fulgore and Riptor I stuck with him and kept going till I got better. If ya like cinder enough you’ll be able to master him to with practice.

I think his inputs need to be reworked. DP motion on fireflash would help with overlapping inputs alot. And maybe tag his light fireflash as grounded at least until before the first active frame so it at least trades with other special moves. That’s about it.

I think this just makes it even more difficult to juggle with fireflash if they were to go with that. Though I think the forward-forward motions for trailblazer would help a bit more. and Inferno retaining it’s input can avoid that as well.

also on select screen he SHOULDN’T be on fired up state. Doesn’t fit due to the aliasing and zoom on this character while fired up.

A minor thing to me but honestly it doesn’t bug me as much.