Please Fix character height in loading screen

Some season 2 characters don’t have the right hight in the loading screen.

TJ Combo for example is Ingame about the height of Jago but in the loading screen he is smaller.

Aria is a bit bigger than other characters but in the loading screen she is also smaller.

And Aganos is way to small, make him bigger or make the other person smaller.

I don’t think it’s the height it’s some characters are closer and further away from the screen and at different angles.


They intended it to be that way, it gives every character equal representation, some just look smaller than they should because they are bigger in game.


It’s a coherence issue. Some are high, some low, some face the screen, some face the opponent, some close ther eyes… it looks bad.

While I understand why IG did what they did here, I don’t think changing that in the way that @Cry3sis might be suggesting is a good idea - if anything, I think they just need to change how the character loading screen looks entirely.