Please fine tune the animation of rank points changing

The current way the animation works is that you end the match, go back to the rank screen and have to wait a few seconds while the bar animates to show your current value.

IMO this screen could be fine tuned.

Currently the animation isn’t skipable and takes a little too long. Sometimes when I want to play again right away I forget the animation is there and thinks the game has crashed and stopped receiving inputs until I realize it’s just waiting the animation to finish. The animation could go a little faster, be skipable or not be there at all.

Also the numbers don’t animate going up or down, they already show the final value before the bar changes making the screen a little confusing. Either both should animate or neither.

It’s a little thing but personally it’s frustrating to the point I find it better to choose “Main Menu” at the end of the match and go back manually to Ranked Leagues - at least that way the animation doesn’t play.

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Agreed, I’ve brought this up before. I think there should either be no animation whatsoever, or we should just be allowed to start the next match search right away.

There’s an animation? Mine always lets me start searching for a new match before it even shows what my points are at.

Now that is curious. I have to wait several seconds while the animation happens, I can mash the button and nothing happens until the animation is all done.

Just to check if we’re on the same page, we are playing Ranked Leagues.

After a match you go back to the page where it says your rank (gold, silver, killer) with the options to start another search, go to the leaderboards and such. Just after the match the bar will animate with little arrows blinking, either showing UP or DOWN if you won or lost, and after a few seconds the bar will fill/empty accordingly. Your points won’t change, they already show the final amount it’s just the bar itself that has to animate.

The whole process takes about 3 to 5 seconds and the game won’t accept inputs while the animation is playing. Pressing buttons won’t even accelerate the animation.

What must be happening is that either you’re talking about a different screen (Exhibition?) or you never noticed it because you naturally wait or go do something else while the game is loading this screen.

No I’m definitely talking about ranked. I I know I don’t have to sit through any screen because a lot of times I’ll hit search for match and then think “Wait, how many points did I get for that?” So I’ll back out of the search and wait for the points to appear. Though I don’t have a bar that fills up, only arrows and my previous point amount compared to my current point amount.

Ah ok, it seems you’re in Killer. There is no bar in this case.

We are talking about this screen:

After a match a little arrow will blink next to your points (450 in this case) and after a few seconds the bar will fill to match. You can’t choose “Search for Match” while this is happening.