Please Explain Kenshiro

Whenever I see guest character suggestions for Killer Instinct, one of the ones that always pops up is Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. As someone who is not an anime fan, and who has never seen the show, I was curious. What is the appeal of this character? Why do people want him in KI? And what would his play-style be like?

Someone who is a fan, please answer these questions

Not a fan, so I can’t answer your question (sorry, BTW), but you should know that this thread probably belongs in the off-topic sub-forum. :wink:

Kenshiro is a badass in the realm of post apocalypse anime. so you take these 3 guys:

when you put em together, you get Kenshiro who is the fist of the north star. he is a master of hokuto shin ken, and he did the trial to become the fist. those who fail, are lobotomized iirc. its horrifying on what it does to people since a single punch can make your head explode or other appendages. its also heavily focused on the body’s pressure points and thats where all the blood n guts comes in.

he can make you complete explode if he wants, or make you walk against your will as parts of you start popping. usually he’ll say “you’re already dead” then a timer of 10 seconds will start and bam…you are dead. id love to see this guy in KI, but when you consider his fighting ability well the entire cast will literally die. so im on the fence LOL


As this gentleman explained Ken is a mix of Mad Max Bruce Lee Sonny Chiba and (in the second series) Sylvester Stallone.

He goes out into the world helping the less fortunate on his quest to rescue his beloved Yuria who has been kidnapped by his friend/rival Shin. Of course he has many adventures along the way but just the fact he’s a mix of so many awesome characters makes him…well super awesome.

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Forget kenshiro. Get Raul in KI!

Raul from what?

Fist of the North Star.

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Thought you meant Raul Julia


english subs spell it as raul, but its raoh. he is also my favorite besides ken. when i was a kid i used to see kenshiro as a figure of strength and heroic character, but id get a little intimidated because of what he would do to his enemies lol. once you saw his feet hit the foreground with dust flyin into the wind, and that look on his face cracking his knuckles you knew there was gonna be blood LOL

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Yeah I’m aware. I agree too. WE NEED ANOTHER FONS FIGHTING GAME.

Watch this

Best broken game since SF4 omega and I like it.


God damn Hokuto No Ken is a Fckng great game… if you like broken stuff.

It looks so stylish, violent and charismatic at the same time.

I don’t think it would fit with KI universe though.

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Rash has already opened that door for us, lol.

Yeah, one of my favorite games. Jacky is crazy and paranoid. That goes well with Orchid.

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That’s not even scratching the surface of how broken it gets. Check out this sick Raoh combo at 1:07:30.

Still not as bad as SFxT.


Now, as a man, this makes me warm inside. Pure violence, who needs chocolate.Lol

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He is badass. Extremely difficult to be manly in this age. The main reason he is not in KI already, lol.

Similar to Kim Wu but bare knuckles. At least he wouldn’t run away like a $%#%$, I mean like a Shago

After watching the while series back in 2006, i instantly knew that nobody is stronger than Ken… Not even Akuma.

You have to watch the old TV series to understand the ancient deadly art of Hokuto Shin Ken.

Having him as guest is not a good idea, because he is over powered. His opponents are “Already Dead”

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LOL at the roah combo, cr.LP X 100 and full body fire thing for juggles


I prefer JoJo over Kenshiro…