Please consider ranked crossplay for Steam version

Steam version is completely dead on ranked. Sometimes I won’t find a match after 30 minutes in EU and have to get really lucky. On Win10 version I own it’s fine, but it’s impossible for me to rank up on my Steam version because I never find matches.

Please help Steam players Iron Galaxy.


Even though I don’t play on Steam, I can feel your pain. It’s hard to justify a purchase if one of the major online aspects is being segregated. Having cross play in all major online functions isn’t going to hurt anybody and would only grow the community.

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Iron Galaxy doesnt work on KI anymore. MS would be the ones to ask. You can ask them on teh Q&A stream that is live this tuesday 7-24-18. I beleive you have to subnitt your quesitons in advance. MIght want to give that a shot.

BUt the reason you cant cross play PC ranked with console is becasue PC is a bunch of hackers and cheaters. Its too much to control and would be a major disadvantage fro console players. We dont want that mess in your ranked system. No thank you

Did we ever get a reason why this isn’t already in place? I get that at the beginning there was logistics set-up requires but at this point cross-play clearly works.

I believe it’s to do with all our ranked data being stored on Microsoft servers and tied to our Xbox accounts. I suppose they could have worked around this by wiping all the stats and leaderboards but that wouldn’t go down to well with players who have prided themselves on their leaderboard status.

Ideally if the steam version asked us to sign into our Microsoft accounts upon booting up then that would fix everything. Just like minecraft on switch. I can’t imagine that going down well with the steam community either though and I’m not sure about the logistics of publishing on that platform.

Either way yeah, not having ranked crossplay is a huge crutch. There is zero reason for me to play on steam. If the mod scene took off then maybe but as it stands I’ll stick to Xbox/win10.

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