Please change the ENDER glitch for cinder's burnouts and increase chip damage

I have lost many fights with Cinder because of the chip damage enders,the Heavy enders and we all know they are suppose to provide substantial chip damage sometimes ill see a 5 sec chip damage effect which isnt right and yes please increase his damage even if by 5% to 10% because he averaging 25% damage on combos and with the chip damage glitch ender ,as it performs the other heavy enders that dont provide chip damage and i have even seen his controls completley re-assigned,like a med punch cancels a combo???

There is literally not a single word in this post I understand. :’(


You mean his burnout enders? They’re pretty good already, and they’re doing exactly what they should. They shouldn’t be automatically giving you free level 4 enders. If you want the rate at which potential damage (white damage) accumulates, then they’re only going to decrease how much his overall combo potential without the burnouts to counter balance it.

Personally, I don’t think that making him almost 5% more damaging is breaking him, but given the correct circumstances, Cinder melts away lifebars. If you combine the slow climb of potential damage that grows on the opponent with block inferno and shadow inferno, you can destroy in seconds with the right setup. But one thing that’s overlooked as far as enders, ALL of his enders benefit from the burnout effect because they can continue to accumulate potential damage during the ender animation, and he still cashes out each drop of it. He can take non-damage enders and do more damage than people with actually strong damage enders. I don’t know many characters who can take a battery ender and make it better than something like Jago’s damage ender.

But to get the huge payouts on damage, you gotta make early on sacrifices and smart plays. Cinder is fun, and he can win tough matches, his toolset is strong, but you gotta know how to use him right.

You lost me completely…

well im doing the burnout enders and its performing the heavy ender using the opposite direction on the d-pad,im not the only one who has complained about this ,the ones that dont give you chip damage

chip damage? How can you block an ender?


There’s no such thing as a chip damage ender.

Mediums cancel a combo? Are you sure you’re not doing accidental counter breakers?

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That’s what it sounds like now that you mention it, I couldn’t figure out what he meant by that.

Wuat’s a chip damage ender? Chip damage glitch ender? If I don’t understand this, I can’t even read the rest of the post.

I think he means burnout enders.

How do you only get 25% with burnout enders?

You have to let it build up. There’s more that you can do to increase the amount of chip there is to cash out like using Inferno.

If possible, please post a video of what you’re trying to convey in your post. It will greatly benefit everyone.

I’m with @Ironflame on this one. Leave the burnout enders alone.