Please Change Mimic Cinder Back

We have to many green colors for Cinder already.

So when the Mimic skin’s came out I thought oh no another Green Cinder but it turned out the Mimic Cinder was pretty cool looking and ended up being one of my Favorite Skins

But for some godly known reason you’s changed it to this and now it’s my least Favorite.

I hate how it looks like this. I think its just like the other green Cinder’s and there is to many of them. Can you guys please change the Mimic skin back to the old Mimic Cinder it looked 100 times better then how it is now.

This one is way better.

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Well it is a mimic…

And the point is that mimic cinder’s aura was a different color than the rest of his body. Now it’s all green.

yeah I don’t like it I think the old one is better it looks so much cooler.

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Then what about all the rest of the characters? You point is mute since all the clothing and hair remains the original colours… which makes them look weird… should just be all green if that is what they are wanting. Otherwise what made mimic cinder stand out is now just the same as any other green colour skin he has

No, but it blends in that much worse with Cinder if his flames stay the same color because he already has 2 green colors for his default outfit.

Like it’s supposed to be…

Doesn’t look as cool though. And if that’s the case then the devs should edit cinder’s main colors 1-9.

Actuality I disagree if it was suppose to be green then the Shadow Lord Mimic Cinder Art Destine would be the same how ever it’s not the Shadow Lord Art Destine has the Orange flame it only changes to all green when you actuality get into the fight and see the model of it was meant to Green then they would of made it green in the Art as well.

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then they missed it. And may or may not be corrected in the future.

Isn’t there already a thread about this?

There is - let’s keep the discussion there.

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