Please add more Omen accessories/ colors

This is something I think IG should consider. I think Omen should have the same amount of colors and accessories as the rest of the cast. It’s only fair. As far as accessories go, what else should he have? I thought it would be cool to give him a Guy Fawkes mask and have his eyes glow through the mask.


I believe eventually he will get fleshed out. He’s starting to get picked up more and im sure I.G doesnt really like for him to be out on an island by himself as far as customization go. It’s just a matter of time, I personally can’t wait. Maybe with shadow jago we get some news pertaining to this. Who knows…


I think he’ll get a 2nd skin by 3rd season due to the mentioned momentum he’s gained amonsgt the players.

Perhaps 1 premium mask and shin for his regular but that one doesn’t need more than what it is.
He’s pure energy, the armour he wears isn’t meant to contain him.


I have faith in a full revamp visually. Omen is an original character by IG and I’m sure they want him to shine just as much as the others. It’s clear his appearance on screen does not do justice to the rest of the game

Besides, after the shadow jago fiasco (where nobody was pleased at the decision of not giving him his boss moveset during S2) MS really listened to us and gave us the Shago community fund and that proved that they wanted it as much as us.

So I expect another “Omen community fund” Where the funding goes to pot prizes at 2016 tournaments.



My dream:
Omen gets a new look. Actual one stays as retro Omen

Now empowered by his master, Omen takes the shattered clothes of shago for his own. His wings are always out, his veins and heart glows with more light, his rashakukens explodes with particles like Shago’s…

His accesories are shagos clothes. A shattered pant, one knee protection, half of shago’s chest clothes, his mask is more Shago’s alike…


Omen is the worst character in the game, his movset are all completely non original and his fireball moveset if someone plays him from afar is annoying and cheap. But lets take a look at his moves list and where they came from

  1. His slidekick has the range or more of Orchids and the back and fourth slidekicks is a copy and pasted move
    from shadow jago boss S1
  2. his Chun-li style rapid kicks are terrible.
  3. his lunging swipes are Saberwulf’s all the way
  4. he has some of Jagos enders( the jump and roundhouse kick ender)

in the wrong hands his raskukens are undefendable and from an asthetic standpoint his animations,movesets are just horrible,he was a badly developed fighter

I like him for the very same reasons you hate him…


your opinion…nothing more

I agree. I think Omen needs more colors/accessories as well.

He doesnt need new colours/accessories he needs a new look completely

Oddly enough, albeit Omen needs some visual improvement, I find his gameplay fascinating. The common mistake is using him as a zoner, when Omen really shines in corner preassure and wake up mix-ups.

At least, I want his wings out all the time. I can drop everything else, but seriously, I want his wings out ALWAYS

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Omen is great. He takes some work as he is a very technical character. Playing against @C88GLITCHEZ has shown me that Omen is a character people sleep on, and he is not to be taken lightly. ( Trust Me LOL) If they do add more stuff…I would really like his wings to AT LEAST be an accessory. So hype if he keeps those out. More colors of the Rainbow as well for Omen.