Please a sequel for KI

@TheKeits, @TempusChaoti

The two seasons were great with season 3 being developed as the last.

I just hope you guys would continue KI in bringing out sequels and not season.

coulnt agree more.

This. They don’t need to bring out a sequel.

What would a sequel have that a season doesn’t bring? If they made a sequel that would mean having to wait like 3 years for them to bring us the exact same amount of content we have right now. They should just make a season that updates the graphics. Am sure if it ever gets to season 5 or something that would in itself be considered a sequel. Just look how different KI Season 1 to KI Season 3 was, it’s pretty much a sequel on its own.

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content other then core characters yes. an endless stream of characters “just because” no no…

I would like to see a trail run of some fan characters would be cool.