Playing without consumables/guardians

I’ve noticed around the forums that many players are able to beat Gargos on some of the higher difficulties so far. Personally, I haven’t really come close to handling him, usually not even getting to him. So far though, I have been making a point to play as barebones as possible and not use any of the RPG elements. Has anyone tried doing this? If so, what are your results?

Some feedback for devs: I think the buffs/debuffs aren’t communicated very effectively. I struggle to remember what enemy powers actually do and I can’t seem to find a place to read the descriptions after the first time encountering them.

When dealing with the buffs: Wings, skin, fangs, veins, lungs, blood, heart, claws, eyes, etc… You receive a dosier after beating an omen in possession of one of these buffs, that will tell you exactly what it does.

For the developers I have an idea for a gargos buff, but it would be meant more as a joke. “The spine of Gargos” knock that out and gargos becomes a sniveling whimp who would sit in the corner and piss himself.