Playing With the Devs

I’ve been wondering if the devs when not at work collaborating on getting stuff ready for the upcoming season play Killer Instinct ONLINE in their spare time.

If so, do y’all play Exhibitions with other developers from IG or maybe Lobbies or Ranked?

I think it would be cool if some of us from the community can maybe have small lobbies (5 man at max due to too much waiting) or even play some Ehibition matches with some of the staff from IG.

If y’all do or are up to play some online games with us, put me first on that list please.

Game with Devs Fridays. Gotta happen. Either that or bring back the combo break. I know Mike Robles isn’t there anymore, but at least one of you guys can do the combo break.


Yea I really enjoyed the Combo Break. It was short lived but was very fun. Would be cool to see it picked up again from time to time.
I feel like the devs might be too busy to play with people on a stream and stuff, but I really like the idea, even if it’s just a special event and not a regular thing.

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… Stop with the weekend stuff, I work weekends!!! :smiley:

They really should have an account set up just waiting for anyone at the office to throwdown some beatings for whatever reason online.

Testing some character matchup theories? Don’t really tell us, or do, and hop on Twitter, tell everyone there’s a lobby opening up for a couple matches or a couple hours of matches of playtesting/funning!
Looking like the forums are getting restless? Throw a quick random draw of challenges and stream them.
Been programming all day and need to play rather than code??? Hop on and into or start a lobby just to unwind for 10min or so.

Either-or, some devs are “lucky” enough to be able to play what they make. The way the KI team tweets, I think they can toss more gameplay interaction for everyone’s benefit.

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@TheKeits Who does he really play anyway? It’s like he just plays whoever came out recently.

That’s probably because he’s trying to build hype for the game through the newest characters. :wink:

I agree with where this thread is going though - there should be more direct community involvement with the devs, especially during these long slow periods, if they can find the time. It’d be nice to test my mettle against them. :slight_smile: