Playing rank for the 1st time EVER and getting bodied!

So today I decided, after almost 3 years, to play ranked. And so I did. I have 9 career wins and 11 loses. My bronze record is 3-7. Lmao! Any other noobs out there? Lol

What characters do you use? When I started my Kim always got killed. My orchid made back my wins. Ranked definitely forces you to play differently than in any other ai-infested mode

It’s sucks when I’m “button masher” and they put me up against a “killer”. Happened twice and I was destroyed lmao

I played with jago mostly and a couple matches with eyedol. I actually won with eyedol lol I chose jago because that’s the only character I have in level 50 so I’ve used him a lot against ai lol

Yeah it’s getting kinda late in the online cycle, where only the ppl who have been playing ranked for months or years are the ones on. But i still run into lower tiered people whe can still pressure and combo regardless

Ah ok my kim got into gold and is probably gonna stay there forever. I reset my rank for eyedol who should be able to get a bit further than her but for now he’s clubbing his way through the lower ranks a couple of matches a night

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Yea that makes sense. I’ve never been good at fighting games. KI is the only one I play because it’s fun and has cool characters. Its frustrating losing but I still wanna play lol I think I came across a forum member and he bodied me 2-3 times lol

Just took another L to a killer lol

Sounds rough man I’m currently trying to get the “20 ranked wins” achievements for all characters and only have 4 left. I haven’t used these characters in a while and I have to do them in the killer ranks where everyone is using their best character and I’m just passing by making a mockery of their mains lol.

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Damn lol I should probably stick to fifa lol

When I first started playing ranked, I lost. A lot. I still lose. A lot. But it’s better now. I love trying out different characters and testing out different playstyles with each. The second I’m out of my comfort zone with a new character, it’s like I’m playing an entirely different game. That’s a huge testament to the work that IG and double helix contributed to this game. Keep at it! :slight_smile:


For better or worse, I always dive right into ranked to get the achievements and level characters up.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself, right now I’m doing decent with Mira however I’m probably going to have to reset my rank for kan-ra I’m terrible with him.

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That’s how I got eyedol to level 45 it required me to get devastated by others but that XP was pouring in.

Yeah, best XP by far is in ranked.

Any legit bronze people? :sweat_smile: I do play well against them lol

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Nope, sorry. Less than mediocre Killer here.

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Just played against a “qualifier” I call BS that was no qualifier lol

Hey I’m slightly more than less mediocre when I’m using my mains lol.

Sounds like me, I managed to get to gold with Shago though after a real rough time leveling up. Once I got to gold though… I haven’t won a single game.