PLAYER level cap and bonuses

I’d like to suggest raising the player level cap from 50 to at least 100. We could unlock the levels and audio from KI2 along the way. Maybe even unlock the hero art used in survival mode to use as backgrounds on the X1 home screen. More player badges and profile cards as well. Id like to see unlockable custom colours to use for the shadow and instinct bars too. Any of you other guys any suggestions?


I have another idea in mind, similar to yours but a little bit complex. How about to be inspired from some games and inserting the prestige, even if this thing is being coddish?

When you reach level 50 with your profile, you can prestige and start from level 1. You keep all the stuff you unlocked, but going back to level 50 will unlock something more, like…holographic version of the logos and profile backgrounds of the various characters. Of course, you need a specific character, but once you bought it, the stuff will be given retroactively.
You can divide the holo logos and screens in different prestiges and levels (ex: Jago logo 1 holo can be unlocked at level 5 of prestige 1 and so on). Perhaps, as a cherry on top of a giant cake, you can do a last prestige rank where you can get a golden version of these estetisms.
This would lead to a possibility of choosing 3 different types of the same logo: normal, holographical and golden. This would help the game’s longevity. And that was one of the points of my idea of renewal of KI.


Very interesting idea @DarthNos. @GazR_J I think 100 levels might be a bit daunting, I’ve been playing almost every single day since I first got this game back in February and I am yet to get TJ Combo, Cinder, Thunder, Orchid, and Omen (I don’t think he really counts though) to level 50. Maybe just to level 75 this season and a 100 next, lol!

He means player XP level…not character. Everyone has been maxed out at 50 forever…I beleive that the Player XP level should never stop…ever. It should keep going up to show your hard work and dedication to KI.
I just dont understand why it needs a cap? MK doesnt have a cap?


Oh ok! Now that I can get on board with.

The cap is put just as a personal achievement. You say: wow, I’m on the top. However, your idea of endless levels combined with mine would make an endless final prestige rank. That would be even cooler.


No prestige, it caps because there are no more unlocks. When more unlocks come, level cap will go up. If it was endless they would have to code the game for endless, what does that leave? More chances for hiccups, bugs, inadvertent resets, and more complaining. The more you ask for, the more problems can happen. That’s the way I see it. KI Is already a low budget game. All I would like to see is, a few more accessories for characters, or rather than color changing based on what accessory rank you unlock, replace the level and add cooler unlocks at later levels and just have a few base color palettes for each accessory. That simple change adds a lot of variety. The other thing I know a lot of people want is ultimates. Do they all need flashy camera angles? No, would that be sweet? You better believe it would be, however, just getting something started along that line is better than nothing. If Fulgore charged up an even larger Devastation Beam mid combo, and the enemy just disappeared leaving a small charred patch on the ground, I would be happy with that. However I would prefer if they used the audio clip from his teaser trailer for that beam than the current one in game, or at least add a lot of reverb and consider a large echo much like what a passing aircraft would have considering the amount of power he would be putting out with a beam like that.