Playable Shadow Lords Gargos for Offline/Single Player shenanigans

This may be an odd request/suggestion, but it’d be really awesome if there was a way to play/test Boss Gargos offline or in customs. The attacks are hilarious (Especially the Mid-Match Supreme Ultra Ender) and his super OP nature really makes me want to have go at his kit. Similar to how Street Fighter 3rd strike implemented Gill, but automatically disabled him on ranked and only allowed him on Single Player or customs. It’d be really sick if we could have an option to use him outside of Ranked and Shadow Lords (He’s way too overpowered to be used on Ranked and would trivialize Shadow Lords). It would be a solid idea to implement it as a paid DLC, considering the game development has come to a bit of a halt and there would need to be a bit of incentive to implement this. At the least, I wouldn’t even mind a developer streaming or recording some gameplay of playable Shadow Lords Gargos. He just looks like so much fun due to all the crazy stuff he can do compared to normal Gargos, and I personally think normal Gargos is already really fun to play, which would just amplify that entertainment for whenever I’m messing around with offline/single player gameplay. I’m curious if anybody else likes this idea.

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That is an interesting idea. It would also be cool to be able to play alt versions of the cast like an S1 Sadira or S2 Kan Ra. However I doubt that is going to happen as IG is no longer working on KI.

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I know, it’s a shame the game is no longer being worked on. Special variants of the playable characters are really cool too, so it’s a bit disheartening to know that we’ll never get to try them out. I’d assume it wouldn’t be too hard to implement either, they would probably just need to add in another selction slot next to the chracter that has a special variant. Like one above Shago and Sadira and one below Gargos. I would absolutely pay money for this too, without any hesitation to make the purchase.

I wanna Shadow Roar at stuff, do half their health and trigger an Ultra Combo musical note in the middle of a match. Then revive after losing all my health and do the same thing on wakeup after the revive. Then summon both my minions at once, do a heavy launcher to something on the other side of the screen AND drop down on them for a recapture and Ultra Combo them and then still somehow have enough KV meter to still pull of an Ultra Recapture. I think the idea is kinda clear for this one…

Shadow Lords Gargos does that! I wanna do it!

If a developer at Iron Galaxy reads this though, please know that you still have a community that loves you and your game and appreciates all the hard work you and your team have put into it. There’s still a lot of stuff that can be added in or tweaked around with in the game, even if it’s just small stuff like this. We know that interest in development and funding for the game might not be all there anymore, but there’s still stuff that we’d be happy to see added in. Just please know that your community is here to support you and back you up on any development you decide to have with the game and with series as a whole.