Playable Gargos has air throw now?

I played a guy who performed SL Gargos air throw on me, is that a bug or was this move added to playable version of him?

He always had his air command grab.


No one use that move. :smiley:


Yeah, he has an air grab…the thing is it is such an impractical move to use there is no real way to work it into a worthwhile game plan, especially since he already has the heavy grab that pulls them out of the air.

IIRC you can do a C.HP (don’t quote me, I’ve been focusing on Glacius lately) and launch your opponent into the air and follow up with the aerial grab, but…yeah…it’s just a really really impractical move.

It has uses for delayed setups. Use wallsplat in the corner or devil divide drop, and jump.

If your oponent jumps, command grab. If doesn’t, airborne attack.

If Izzik is behind your opponent and you land a h. Pp, you could get in range of it with a jump, assuming you aren’t in range for a H. Devil divide, and unlike any other attack, it’s unbreakable

@FerasMM is an expert setting scenarios for this move


Yeah, it’s always been there as far as I know. It’s also useful for cashing out juggles.

Air grab cashes out juggles?

I’m reasonably sure it does. I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

@STORM179 no it does not cash out juggles i dont know where you got the idea that he could :confused: but it would be nice if you were right :disappointed:


This is right


Thanks for the correction Cashew. :thumbsup:

See - I told you someone would correct me if I was wrong :joy:

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no problem amigo

Air grab is good for one thing : mentally destroying your opponent , making them consider their life choices . 9/10 times your opponent will uninstall the game , sell their xbox and become homeless .

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or they will end up like eyedol getting thier head split in 2 by gargos lol


wonder what you said that made you delete that

I remembered any sick burn on this forum can get me banned.

when was the last time you got banned?

Never, but I figure dissing xbox console on forum dedicated to the only xbox exclusive game that matters was propably a bad idea.

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