Play this game... I dare you!

This game is best, I’ve played!

If you get oscars and I will give you money! : D


Hahahaha that is a great game, though I had some trouble playing on my iPad cuz he would jump when I was just trying to run.


I need rubbing alcohol stat!

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That’s a pretty funny game, my fingers do want revenge on you for sharing that though.

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Was amazingly pleasantly surprised by this game!

Now, if you will excuse me,

Im going to go use my massively swole fingers to go crush some boulders at my local construction site.

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Sorry; too busy playing Rocket League because it just released on the XB1… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is amazing! LOL I really hope Leo wins that Oscar!

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Where’d you find this? cough Pewdiepie

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Nope! I found this from Facebook trending!

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LOL you are horrible for recommending this. omg somebody turn the A/C up in here, i was too frantic in the button mashing

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I may have gotten too into this game…

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cant…stop…playing it

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