Plagiarism of Mick Gordon's Works/Music?

Overall Mick Gordon the VICTIM and KSHMR the PLAGIARIST anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Side-by-side comparison of KSHMR’s and Mick Gordon’s works/music respectively:

So now what do you guys along with fans/admirers of Mick Gordon think AND make of all of this?

Its a little of both…dude is copying and influenced by. I mean there is only so much you can do when you are riding on the E and making djent patterns with keyboard/Dstep sounds underneath.
If I was MIck, Id be piissed if the Kashmir dude was making money.

Thing is Kshmrs knows its copying MIck and he has to live with that. If he didnt realize it he wouldnt have filmed the apology.
Micks nice enough to probably not do anything to be honest.

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Hmm, it’s a tough call to make because Mick Gordon’s music isn’t strictly original in it’s own right, Mick has himself been influenced by a lot of different genres of music, and even more directly, lots of different styles of metal and while it is indeed very good, it could be argued that Mick has himself “borrowed” more than a few ideas from other metal artists.

Admittedly some of the samples above are very close indeed to Mick’s work but it could be argued that electronic/dubstep metal isn’t really a new concept as @FallofSeraphs76 said so I’d say, unfortunately it’s a bit of a grey area.

At the same time I doubt that despite being very similar to Mick’s work, this deal with KSHMR is going to make much of a financial dent in Mick’s potential earnings, I mean, he’s Mick Gordon, he’s hot property and on top and has plenty of supporters ready to defend him. He’ll be fine. :stuck_out_tongue: