Picking up Mira

First and foremost I am a Sadira main, but due to the large number of fights she has trouble with, I’ve been experimenting with other characters, and so far Mira has been my favorite. She is very much like a better version of Sadira, and I love her mixups.

Any advise Mira mains?

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For real though I hate fighting mira so I look foward to beating your mira’s face in.

Only advice I can give:

Manage your health. Wisely.

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I’ll use her the next time we fight. It should be entertaining… for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a Mira main but I have a few tips you might already know.

Use bats to cover your approach basically all the time if you can. They add just that little bit of extra pressure and gain good meter even after the nerf. Shadow moves usually don’t add that much more damage to combos compared to her Reaping Linkers.

Save your meter for Shadow Bats if you can help it. It’s a good way to make unsafe mixups safe and give you more room to play.

Be careful with certain buttons. Medium and Heavy punch can be Shadow Countered fairly reliably.


I’m not one the best here but I can tell you that Mira is on her best when she deals constant pressure on the opponent, BUT you have to keep an eye on your health because you can get carried away and loose all your health without notice.

Also try to use your bats to force your opp into block and then you can play the 50/50 with Reaping, MP Reaping hits low and FP Reaping hits high.

You have your Mist form and Air Dash, remember to use them wisely because they are very useful but use health, those are the best to avoid being zoned out.

Have fun :smiley:

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