Picking Up Aria

Trying to pick up Aria do you guys have any ambiguous cross up setup, setup on Hkd, mix up etc.

Thank you

Using the Bass/Instinct drone in conjunction with the Boost body is a good place to start. Knock 'em down, launch the Assist, then hover on over their head to get some shenanigans going.
I’m not an ARIA expert, but just based off of what I’ve seen in tournaments this sort of thinking get you pretty far.

Another good set up is using the LK flip out and canceling into shotgun blitz. Light will put you in front of the opponent while medium puts you behind them (most of the time).

Well the basic one is launcher ender, sweep, dash forward, bass assist, jump over, either cross up, fly back over, empty jump low, empty jump overhead, throw, really you’re only limited by your creativity.

Do you mean after the launcher ender ? I was also thinking is that set up possible after launcher ender. Basically it is as you stated the only difference would be this.

Launcher Ender, Call Bass Assit, Lk, Medium Shotgun Blitz to cross up, Bass Assist, then you can do low, oh empty jump, crossup.

I haven’t tried it so far but do you think a setup like this could work. Don’t know a lot of good ARIA player exept Sleep and Seadragon.

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